Friday, February 28, 2014

Windy, wet weekend forecast for Las Vegas Valley

Windy, wet weekend forecast for Las Vegas Valley

Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2014 4:34 PM ESTUpdated: Thursday, February 27, 2014 4:50 PM EST


Thursday's strong winds is just the beginning of a stormy end to the week for the Las Vegas Valley, according to forecasters.

The National weather las vegas Service issued a wind advisory for the Spring Mountains west of Las Vegas until 6 p.m. Thursday, saying winds could gust as high as 55 mph in some locations. Outside of the mountains, gusts to nearly 40 mph will not be uncommon Thursday.

FOX5 Morning Weather Anchor Cassandra Jones said the winds will be joined by rain on Friday. She said showers arrive in Southern Nevada by late morning and stick around through the afternoon. Some of the rain could be heavy at times, with a few claps of thunder not out of the question, she said. Nearly an inch of rain is possible Friday, with up to 4 inches of snow possible in the mountainous areas, Jones said.

On Saturday, the day will start and end with rain, according to Jones. She said a break in the precipitation is likely around lunch time, before chances increase in the afternoon. An additional tenth of an inch of rain is possible, she said.

Jones said Sunday's forecast includes a slight chance of showers and less wind.

According to the National Weather Service, the Las Vegas Valley has not seen a significant, area-wide rainfall since late November. Forecasters there warned that the dry conditions have resulted in a buildup of oil and dirt on area roads, and the rainfall will make roads very slick.

Daytime temperatures will hover in the 60s through much of the weekend. Low 50s and upper 40s are expected for overnight temperatures.

Dry weather returns by early next week.

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Rentec Direct Property Management Software is Offering $20 Off Tenant Screening For The First Week of March

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The $20 off discount code can be obtained by going to Rentec Direct's Facebook page and getting the promotional code to use at check-out while ordering your tenant screening product.

"Social media sites are a great medium to provide discounts to our clients and to show a commitment to provide the best experience at an affordable price to our customers," says Rentec Direct founder, Nathan Miller.

You can find Rentec Direct on Facebook at The Facebook page features information about Rentec Direct's products and updates, promotions, like this one, and industry related news.

About Rentec Direct
Rentec Direct provides cloud based rental software solutions for property managers and landlords. Other popular solutions offered by Rentec include tenant ACH payment processing, tenant screening, and online syndication of vacancies to more than twenty popular websites.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Three coupon books coming in Sunday's N&O

It's a big weekend coming up for Deal Of The Day clippers.

Look for three coupon inserts -- a Smart Source, a Red Plum and the P&G Brandsaver -- in this Sunday's home-delivered Final Edition of The News & Observer.

There are some rarely seen coupons this week on brands such as Pictsweet, Snyder's, Method, Eveready and Morton.

All together, there will be coupons with a face value of about $330.

As usual, I'll have the coupon database updated and the best of the drugstore deals posted early Sunday morning so you can get a jump on your bargain shopping for the week. And just a reminder that Kroger is switching sales cycles so we won't have a new Kroger ad until Wednesday, March 5.

Please note: Single-copy and State Edition papers may not contain all coupon inserts.

Friday, February 21, 2014

How Teens Can Research Upcoming Purchases To Get The Very Best Deal


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You are in your favorite store and you have just spotted the best, the most perfect and cutest bag you have ever seen. You think about how amazing you are going to look. It must be yours. Buy it. Buy it now!

But wait just a second.

Do you have to have it this very moment? Is there a better way? Can you avoid paying full price? The answer is probably a resounding yes.

There was a time when I never gave a second thought to what something cost. Then my parents decided to help me learn to manage my money well by giving me an allowance and requiring me to purchase all of my clothing. That definitely changed my perspective. I quickly learned to scout clearance racks, use coupons and look for any way that I could make my limited funds go a little further.

Sign Up With Your Favorite Stores

Recently, I developed a plan for making sure that I get the Amazon Deal Online possible whenever I go shopping -- regardless of what I need to purchase. By taking a few moments to plan, you can usually save at least 10 percent and sometimes as much as 30 percent. These savings really add up.

Check For Coupon Codes

So what should the savvy teen do before embarking for the mall? Here are four tips to get you started:

Sign In To The WiFi When You Get There

Almost all stores have email and text alert clubs that you can join. When you sign up for the free service you will receive regular emails and/or texts alerting you to the best deals and special discounts. This is one of the easiest ways to get additional discounts at your favorite places to shop. I have signed up for a number of my favorite stores and I love getting a text whenever they are having a special sale. Messaging rates will apply, so keep that in mind if you don't have unlimited texting.

Talk To The Manager

Do a quick search online for any coupons or coupon codes that might get you an additional discount at a store. There are a number of couponing sites that offer special deals for just about every store out there. Just recently I had to purchase supplies for an art class I was teaching. Thankfully I found a coupon online for 25 percent off my total purchase, and the store scanned the coupon directly from my phone. Easy savings. is one of my favorites.

I'm not kidding. There are a growing number of stores that offer special discounts and coupons when you sign on to their network when you are shopping in the store. I just recently found out about this when I was doing some Black Friday shopping at my local Kohl's!

Maurices is my favorite place to buy clothes. But regular prices are just out of my reach. I had the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with the manager one day, and she gave me a ton of tips on how to shop smart at Maurices. Now I know when they do mark downs each week, how to take advantage of their reward program, and the best times during the year to get rock bottom prices. Most store employees are more than happy to help you understand how to get the best deals with them so be sure to ask!

Taking a few moments to do a little bit of research can really pay off. You just have to make up your mind that you are not going to pay full price for anything. The more you save means you will have more money to put towards saving for a car or college costs. Or that cute bag mentioned earlier.

Yep. It's probably gonna be the bag.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Moto X gets a another discount promo again

It's nice to hear of price cuts, temporary or permanent, once in a while, though having one almost every other week might start to sound suspicious. That said, the Moto X is getting another temporary price reduction which Motorola says is just in time to keep you warm this Valentine's Day.

It is almost hard to keep track of how many times the price tag on the Moto X has been slashed, which is probably a good thing for consumer's pockets. The rather interesting and admittedly desirable smartphone last experienced a one-hour $100 Amazon Sales just last week, after a more permanent $100 price slash implemented at the start of the year. Now Motorola is taking out the scissors again, this time for a longer period.

Through the days leading to February 14, those purchasing a Moto X with no contract can take advantage of a $70 discount. This means that the 16 GB model will sell for $329.99 while the 32 GB variant for $379.99. The extra $25 cashout for a wood back cover still applies. The great thing about this promo is that it also applies to the Moto X Developer Edition as well, giving tinkerers a good deal.

As an aside, Motorola is also offering SOL REPUBLIC JAX in-ear headphones with a slightly different discount. Buy one pair and you get 50 percent off on a second pair, probably for a loved on. Now if only Motorola offered a similar two-for-one discount, which would probably be more to the spirit of the day anyway.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Discovery-Scripps Deal Is Off, Now What?

About a month ago, NASDAQ: Variety reported that Discovery Communications ( DISCA ) considered bidding for smaller competitor Scripps Networks Interactive ( ) . The Best Deals seemed to make sense as both companies create similar nonfiction content and Scripps' mostly domestic appeal could stand to benefit from the global positioning of a larger company such as Discovery.

However, in early January, The Wall Street Journal reported that talks between the two companies have ended. Now that the speculation has died down, where do both companies stand?

Two great content creators
In a previous article, I explained why I saw Discovery and Scripps as two of the best content creators in the business. Both companies have very popular networks which offer viewers unique content that is simply not available anywhere else.

Discovery basically has a lock on the nonfiction, docudrama segment with incredibly popular shows like Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, and Moonshiners. The company also excels at nature-themed shows via collaborations with BBC on series like Planet Earth and Life, numerous hit shows on its signature Animal Planet network, and its always-popular Shark Week programming.

Scripps, on the other hand, may have an even more finely tuned stable of networks. With popular networks like Home & Garden TV, Food Network, and Travel Channel, Scripps is a leader in the lifestyle-programming segment. The company's channels are so distinct that they essentially have no direct competition.

The best part about both Discovery and Scripps' network brands is that they can create new and compelling content continuously thanks to relatively low production costs. Additionally, both companies mostly provide content with a broad nature which means that they can easily format this content for international audiences.

Although a merger would have been incredible because the content of the two companies shares many similarities, both Discovery and Scripps nonetheless remain unique in the media world.

Discovery vs. Scripps
As it turns out, both Discovery and Scripps have good future positioning. The two companies are just at different stages of growth at the moment. Management at Discovery seems intent on entering new content genres whereas Scripps has been more focused on growing its brands overseas.

Discovery completed the acquisition of the SBS Nordic operations of ProSiebenSat.1 Group in 2013. The move gave Discovery an additional 12 television networks in the area, most notably channels that offer scripted entertainment, which was a first for Discovery.

The company also made an agreement with France's TF1 Group to increase its stake in Eurosport International from 20% to 51%. Eurosport is a pan-European sports network and this represents Discovery's first foray into sports entertainment.

Meanwhile, Scripps has been working on increasing its brand awareness in other parts of the world. Most notably, Scripps completed the acquisition of Asian Food Network in 2013, which added approximately 8 million subscribers to the company's international audience. Scripps also distributes Food Network and Travel Channel in Asia and the company has been expanding internationally since 2009.

The following table breaks down both companies' projected growth rates in 2014:

Both companies are projected to grow well in 2014, although Discovery is expected to lead significantly in terms of both revenue and earnings-per-share growth.

However, Scripps currently trades at a cheaper valuation multiple than Discovery. The former's forward P/E is 17.81 versus 19.11 for the latter. It is also worth noting that Scripps pays a dividend of $0.60 which equates to a yield of 0.80%, while Discovery does not pay a dividend at this time.

Two of the best
Like I concluded in my last article on the two companies which came out in the midst of the merger rumors, both Discovery and Scripps remain interesting growth companies at the current time.

They both have incredible advantages when it comes to content creation. Along with the rapid advancement of technology that allows viewers to watch programming from just about anywhere, which only fuels the demand for new content, the future for Discovery and Scripps looks very bright.

Are Scripps and Discovery still valuable in a post-cable world?
You know cable's going away. But do you know how to profit? There's $2.2 trillion out there to be had. Currently, cable grabs a big piece of it. That won't last. And when cable falters, three companies are poised to benefit. Click here for their names. Hint: They're not Netflix, Google, and Apple.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Is this the worst name-job title combo ever?

The photo is proving popular on the internet (Picture: IamA_DrunkJedi/Imgur)

This high-vis vest has truly realised its purpose in life, after achieving maximum visibility by going viral on the internet.

A photo of a man apparently called Dick has emerged on reddit funny and it's causing a stir, as Dick's job title is 'Head of Production'. Both Dick's name and his job title are printed on the back of his vest. Get it?

The user who posted it, IamA_DrunkJedi, quite rightly pointed out: 'Someone didn't think this through...'

As if to make things worse (or much, much better), Dick was spotted in Trafalgar Square, which is currently decked out to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

In this particular photo, a large statue of a blue cock can be seen in the background, as if it is rising from Dick's head.

Good work, everyone.

After tough January, stock extend slide

<Deal Todayp>The market stumbled from the get-go, with U.S. stocks opening lower after declines in European and Japanese indexes. Then it quickly turned into a slide as a spate of discouraging economic data on everything from manufacturing to auto sales to construction spending poured in.

By late afternoon, the sell-off accelerated further, bringing the Dow down more than 7 percent for the year. The S&P 500 index was down more than 5 percent for 2013.

Some stock watchers took the market's decline in stride. They considered it a necessary recalibration following the market's record highs at the end of last year.

"It's a bit painful for investors to see the equities markets drop as they have, but this is healthy for this market," said Chris Gaffney, a senior market strategist at EverBank. "We've been almost 2-1/2 years without a 10 percent correction."

All told, the Dow dropped 326.05 points, or 2.1 percent, to close at 15,372.80, its biggest decline since June 20, 2013. The Standard & Poor's 500 index lost 40.70 points, or 2.3 percent, to 1,741.89. The Nasdaq composite dropped 106.92 points, or 2.6 percent, to 3,996.96.

There were signs of worry throughout the market. The VIX index, a measure of stock market volatility, rose to its highest level since December 2012. Investors shifted into U.S. government bonds, pushing yields lower and extending their sharp decline since the start of the year.

Staffing company Robert Half International declined the most among stocks in the S&P 500 index. CarMax and Pfizer were among the few stocks to eke out gains on the day.

Cold U.S. weather emerged as common problem for the economy last month.

Investors were discouraged Monday by a private survey showing U.S. manufacturing barely expanded last month as frigid temperatures delayed shipments of raw materials and caused some factories to shut down. Construction spending rose modestly in December, slowing from healthy gains a month earlier.

Automakers also piled on the disappointing news, as an icy January slowed vehicle purchases.

Ford shares slipped 41 cents, or 2.7 percent, to $14.55 and General Motors shares fell 83 cents, or 2.3 percent, to $35.25 after the automakers reported a drop in U.S. January sales, hurt by harsh weather that kept customers away from dealerships.

GM sales fell 12 percent, while Ford said sales fell 7 percent. Chrysler bucked the trend with U.S. sales gains of 8 percent, and analysts still expect U.S. auto sales to reach more than 16 million this year _ a return to pre-recession levels.

"Investors had expectations going into 2014 of a much stronger U.S. economic recovery than actually what we're seeing and we've had to reset our expectations," Gaffney said.

Fresh signs of weakness in China also weighed on the minds of investors.

An official Chinese manufacturing survey released over the weekend showed factory output grew at a slower rate in January compared with December. The report released on the weekend followed an HSBC survey that showed an outright contraction in manufacturing.

Any signs of slowdown in China's economy _ the world's second-largest _ can spell bad news because it drives exports and is a key trading partner for developing countries such as South Africa and Indonesia that supply Chinese factories with raw materials.

Investors have been looking for more pullbacks this year and possibly a correction, the technical term for when a stock market index like the S&P 500 falls 10 percent or more. Three months ago, analysts at Goldman Sachs said there was roughly a 60 percent chance that a correction would happen this year.

Monday's slide moved the market closer to that possibility.

Among other negative signs for the market: In 2013, the Dow had only one 300-point-plus down day. It's had two 300-plus drops in 2014, barely two months in.

"I think we are in correction phase and the bias will be to the downside for a while longer," said Frank Davis, director of trading at LEK Securities. "It would make sense to see a healthy pullback after last year. Air has to come out of the market."

All 10 sectors in the S&P 500 index fell, and telecommunications stocks posted the biggest declines, weighed down by AT&T and Verizon Communications.

Mattel fell $1.79, or 4.7 percent, to $36.05. The world's largest maker of toys reported on Friday that sales of Barbie and Fisher-Price preschool items dropped in its fourth quarter.

Also among the decliners: Jos. A Bank Clothiers, which fell $2.83, or 5 percent, to $53.39 on continued doubts that a takeover bid by rival clothier Men's Wearhouse will go through. The two retailers have been dueling since October when Jos. A. Bank offered $2.3 billion for Men's Wearhouse.

A few stocks posted gains.

Pfizer rose 20 cents, or 0.7 percent, to $30.60, after the company reported that a mid-stage study of an experimental drug for advanced breast cancer met the main goals. The drug is seen as a potential huge seller. Pfizer was the only stock to rise among the 30 members of the Dow.

Facing lower stocks and global jitters, investors moved into the relative safety of U.S. government bonds. Bond prices rose, and the yield on the U.S. 10-year Treasury note fell to 2.58 percent from 2.65 percent on Friday. The 10-year has had a dramatic move in the last two weeks. In mid-January, the 10-year note was trading at a yield around 2.9 percent.


AP Markets Writer Ken Sweet contributed to this report from New York.